Preparation for Breast Examination


Breast examination with the BreastScan method is recommended for women of all ages. Preventive breast examination with the BreastScan method can be done regardless of your menstrual cycle. In case additional comparative control is needed and it would be reasonable to perform it during the optimal cycle period, we will further warn you about this, depending on the measurement result. The examination is also suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers, should changes occur. As a preventive method, we recommend a check-up after delivery or six months after breast-feeding. The BreastScan method is also used for women with breast implants.

No special preliminary preparation for the examination is necessary. If a woman, who chooses to have an examination with the BreastScan method, has test results and pictures from previous mammograms or ultrasound examinations, we recommend that she brings them with her for comparison. The patient takes off her outerwear and lies on her back with her arms raised during the examination. It is recommended that the skin of the breast is clean and dry, and we recommend that you do not wear a tight bra for a few hours before the examination. The examination is completely painless as the device only acts as a receiver. Using a special probe, we measure the surface and depth temperatures of the nine points of both breasts with their respective lymph nodes.